Champions of Kamigawa

Mini Battle Box

Battle Box Notes

This Box is the most experimental I have done. Kamigawa is just about the worst set you can think of for the Battle Box format, because all its major mechanics are extremely reliant on synergy. However, to test how far I can push synergies with the Mini Battle Box format, I decided to give it a go. It’s not as good as a Box based on a set like Return to Ravnica or Khans of Tarkir, but it is playable and certainly qualifies as a change of pace.

I didn’t think there were any particularly good dual lands in the Kamigawa set, but I love the rare lands that provide some bonus to a legendary creature. Rather than give each player a full set of these fancy lands, the two land sets contain three sets of basics and one set of special lands in total. These lands are auctioned off at the start of the game. Players decide who gets to pick first, then take turns picking a special land. The player who picks the fourth land will also get the fifth one (to offset the downside of not picking first). When a player picks a land, the other player gets the corresponding basic land for their land set. There are a full 25 legendary creatures in this Battle Box, so don’t underestimate what these lands mean!

To allow for cards with three colored mana symbols to be played (and because you can never have too many spirits in a Kamigawa Box), I have also included a set of Forbidden Orchards.

Cardlist (123):

Lands (22 cards total)

Forest (3x)
Island (3x)
Mountain (3x)
Plains (3x)
Swamp (3x)
Forbidden Orchard (2x)
Eiganjo Castle
Minamo, School at Water’s Edge
Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers
Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep
Shizo, Death’s Storehouse

White (20)
Creatures (13)

Hikari, Twilight Guardian
Innocence Kami
Kami of the Palace Fields
Kitsune Blademaster
Kitsune Healer
Konda, Lord of Eiganjo
Konda’s Hatamoto
Lantern Kami
Masako the Humorless
Mothrider Samurai
Nagao, Bound by Honor
Sensei Golden-Tail
Takeno, Samurai General

Enchantments (2)

Cage of Hands
Honden of Cleansing Fire

Instants and Sorceries (5)

Call to Glory
Candles’ Glow
Ethereal Haze
Otherworldly Journey

Blue (17)
Creatures (7)

Guardian of Solitude
Hisoka, Minamo Sensei
Keiga, the Tide Star
Meloku the Clouded Mirror
Sire of the Storm
Teller of Tales
Uyo, Silent Prophet

Enchantments (2)

Honden of Seeing Winds
Mystic Restraints

Instants and Sorceries (8)

Consuming Vortex
Eye of Nowhere
Hisoka’s Defiance
Petals of Insight
Psychic Puppetry
Reach Through Mists

Black (18)
Creatures (9)

Gibbering Kami
He Who Hungers
Kami of Lunacy
Kami of the Waning Moon
Kiku, Night’s Flower
Nezumi Graverobber
Nezumi Shortfang
Scuttling Death
Thief of Hope

Enchantments (2)

Honden of Night’s Reach
Oni Possession

Instants and Sorceries (7)

Devouring Greed
Hideous Laughter
Pull Under
Rend Flesh
Rend Spirit
Soulless Revival
Swallowing Plague

Red (19)
Creatures (11)

Akki Coalflinger
Battle-Mad Ronin
Brothers Yamazaki (1)
Brothers Yamazaki (2)
Initiate of Blood
Kami of Fire’s Roar
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Kumano, Master Yamabushi
Pain Kami
Ronin Houndmaster

Enchantments (2)

Blood Rites
Honden of Infinite Rage

Instants and Sorceries (6)

Blind with Anger
Crushing Pain
Glacial Ray
Lava Spike
Unearthly Blizzard
Yamabushi’s Flame

Green (18)
Creatures (12)

Hana Kami
Iname, Life Aspect
Jugan, the Rising Star
Jukai Messenger
Kashi-Tribe Reaver
Kodama of the North Tree
Kodama of the South Tree
Moss Kami
Order of the Sacred Bell
Orochi Eggwatcher
Seshiro the Anointed

Enchantments (2)

Honden of Life’s Web
Serpent Skin

Instants and Sorceries (4)

Gale Force
Kodama’s Might
Strength of Cedars
Wear Away

Colorless (9)
Artifacts (9)

Jade Idol
Junkyo Bell
Long-Forgotten Gohei
Oathkeeper, Takeno’s Daisho
Orochi Hatchery
Tenza, Godo’s Maul