This page is dedicated to projects from Battle Box fans around the world. Unfortunately, we do not (yet) have the technology to easily share decklists on our site, so instead we’ll post any links to your Battle Box projects here.

If you would like to share your own Battle Box list, please put it up on a site like or (or whichever other deck sharing site you prefer) and send a link to our editor. We would appreciate it if you supply a short description of what makes your Battle Box special.

Brian deMars’ Battle Box

Editor’s note: Brian‘s list is what got me into the Battle Box format in the first place. He has a lot to say about his Battle Box in this article. I urge you to go check it out if you’re interested in finding out more about the philosophy of the Battle Box format.

Ben Stark’s Battle Box

Editor’s note: Ben has been one of the format’s strongest proponents from the start, and his list is probably the most true to the spirit of the format. As he puts it, if you find that a card is more powerful than interesting you should probably cut it. I couldn’t agree more, and wish I could be as ruthless as Ben in keeping old favorites out of the Battle Box if they have no place there.

Jonathan Medina’s Battle Boxes

Editor’s note: Jonathan has proven himself to be a very active builder and content producer. I strongly recommend checking out his Commander Battle Box as well as his Budget Commander Box. Also, take a look at his articles on Gathering Magic, they are well worth the read.

Jonathan Little’s Battle Box

Jonathan‘s description of his Battle Box: “This is my Battle Box / Danger Room. I tried to make it both nostalgic and fun by using a decent amount of older cards and random legends. I tried to use cards that are fairly powerful while still being engaging. I added various utility lands as they seem to make the game a bit more interesting. I also added a few land destruction spells and cards that allow you to sacrifice your own lands to really put a strain on that resource.”

Editor’s note: Jonathan’s list is edging towards the spiky side. I like the idea of using utility lands and will probably give them a try during an upcoming update, especially the utility lands that produce colorless mana in addition to their other ability. I’m personally not a fan of land destruction as it is likely to make some cards in the Box unplayable, but I do get that for hardcore spikes this is an attractive feature (when used in moderation so it creates meaningful choices).

Jeph Foster’s Battle Box

Editor’s note: Jeph’s Battle Box is rather unique because he has designed a lot of the cards in it himself. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but I like the idea of designing cards with the format specifically in mind. It has me inspired to try to design some mechanics and cards of my own, which I’m sure I’ll share in a future article. In the meantime, be sure to check out Jeph’s “Realms of Andaria” Battle Box!

Mike Keknee’s Battle Box

Editor’s note: Mike‘s Battle Box is based on Ben Stark’s box with some changes like taking out the handful of infect creatures, which make sense to me. Although the list is not a new design, I think Mike has written a nice article explaining the Battle Box format and why he likes it. If you have time, take a few minutes to check it out!

Joey McKenney’s Shandalar Battle Box

Joey’s description of his Battle Box: It’s theme-based, as are most of my cube projects, so all of the cards featured are from the plane of Shandalar. Without a proper set to turn to for “Shandalar” based cards, I used another CubeTutor user’s list of Shandalar cards and my own research to put it together, and found that some of my favorite cards are from this plane! I found that the format’s main feature, equal mana access for all, works in tandem with the story on this classic fantasy plane, being abundant in mana.

Laurent Lignon’s Ice Age BB and Alliances mini BB

Laurent’s description of his Battle Box: This was hard to build, mostly because most of the cards are underpowered by current standards. This means most of them are playable in the Battle Box (and it’s a big set), but there are few gamebreakers (like Necropotence, Brainstorm). The lack of any real support for the “Snow Matters” theme led me to remove all cards linked to it (too bad for Winter’s Chill, one of my favourite combat tricks). Due to mana issues, I’ve also cut every card using colored Cumulative Upkeep: they would only be playable for 2 turns and wouldn’t have a great impact. I’ve also cut some hard to understand old abilities. Which means no Banding, and no Rampage.

James Damore’s Battle Box

James‘s description of his Battle Box: Like many Battle Boxes, I’ve tried to maximize the number of meaningful decisions. The major departures are that:

  • Every card has “Cycling 4”
  • The second player gets a Treasure token

Giving cards cycling gives players more flexibility and makes Madness/flashback cards into interesting split cards, like Ichor Slick. We found that having guaranteed land drops for the first 10 turns increases the first player’s advantage, so in addition to the first player skipping their first draw step, the second player gets a Treasure token.

Editor’s note: I think giving all cards cycling 4 is an interesting idea to smooth out draws and allow more narrow cards to enter the box. I’m definitely going to test that in my own boxes to see how well it works. You can find a reddit discussion on James’s Battle Box here.